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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nature's bounty-God's gift to me.


( the pictures are some of Gods gifts)

I can't help but to praise Him for all the fruit and other things to eat growing on this small plot of land we have.

The fruit we have:
-apples of several types. -pears. -mulberries -wild grapes. -wild plums. -wild strawberries. -wild cherries. -blackberries. -black raspberries.
Other wild foods:
-milkweed. - wild carrot or queen Ann's lace. - clovers - and much more.

I am currently researching and learning about the wild plants growing on my land. I know I have plenty more edible plants.

Years ago I had gotten some books to learn about the herbs and plants on my land but books are not always a good indicator as to what the plant is because their pictures are not always very descriptive. But the Internet is a great source of information. I can research plants on several sites to make sure all the information is consistent.
I have come upon sites that say the complete opposite of each other about the same plant. So I google search a plants information and pictures over and over and visit different sites to ensure myself about a plant before I trust to eat it.

This morning me and the kids got on the 4 wheeler and went out on our land to pick breakfast. We picked wild cherries, wild grapes, wild carrot and milkweed for breakfast.

I boiled the milkweed pods with their silk seeds in side of them. They actually tasted good. Kind like a mixture of peas, green beans and asparagus. It did not have a wild bitter flavor like so many other wild plants do. I also battered one of the boiled silk pods and fried it. Now that was good!

I ate some of a wild carrot flower top, that was not so bad. I cant describe its flavor because it is not like anything I know of. I read in places how it is good in salads. I also dipped some wild carrot flower tops in egg then in corn flower and fried them. That was yummy! Its root smells like an actual carrot when broken just like the web sites said they would. I have not eaten one yet but I will.
I was talking to a lady at church about eating healthy and so on at the beginning of summer. We talked about how expensive it is to buy healthy foods and live healthy. She said she asked God to give her what she needs and provide for her family. I thought I should ask God for the same thing since I also needed and desire to eat healthy.

Well that was back in the beginning of June I think? Well anyways, Just last week and this week I was wondering when God was going to answer that prayer. I had waited. And waited. And waited................................

And the entire time it was all right here in front of my face and I was to blond to see it. This year has been a beautiful over abundant crop of the berries, fruits, herbs and other plants. I mean an abundant supply. I have not had to buy hardly any fruit from the store because God has provided it on my land in massive supply. It is the same plants and fruits we always have every year but this year it is in major abundance and becoming ripe earlier then normal.
My dads dad knew about wild fods, herbs and plants. He was half Cherokee. I wish so much I had known him and his Cherokee mother. But they both died before I was born. They could have taught me so very much. My dad taught me about some of all that and about camping. I am thankful for that.

We go outside and pick our fruit fresh and eat it right then and there. What a blessing to have! I am so grateful! I internally complain sometimes because I want new floor covering or better clothing because I get sick of having used and beat up cars, furniture, and old horrid looking walls and decor. But ya know what? That all don't matter much compared to the lovely edibles God has given me on this land. What person who has those nice homes and those nice things can go out on their land and pick their own fresh naturally organic foods and eat? Not to many. I feel so blessed. It is not anything I have done to deserve it. I do not mean to brag.

2006 the crop of all those fruits was almost non existent to very very small. In 2006 it kept on freezing into May with good warm days and weeks then freezing days and weeks after that. It really messed up the edibles. We hardly even had a mulberry last year.

But 2007 is a complete different story. Just the other day someone was telling me how their wild foods and garden were not growing well because of how we got some freezing temps late into the spring like last year. I think God must have protected my edibles for me. How cool is that!?
God always provides. Maybe not how we expect Him to provide. Like I did not expect to have all this on my land that I would have to go out and pick. I some what had in mind that He would provide us with extra money so we could buy the healthy foods. Well He didn't do that instead He done better then that!

Thank you God!
A great web site for pics and info on herbs, roots,fruits, plants, survival skills and other good detailed info is--->
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