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Friday, June 29, 2012

Rocky the 50s boxer in 2011

Dad has had a hard time this year. Early in the year he became very weak and ended up in the hospital. It turned out his heart tends to beat to slow and he gets low blood oxygen. He was also dehydrated. They put him in the hospital for about a week. We thought he was going to die. The doctors wanted to put in a pacemaker to help his heart beat in a regular patterns but dad refused and said he is ready to go to Heaven if it is time.
(pictures: Dad at the temp nursing home early 2011 with my kids visiting. Other picture: mom and dad both in the ER July 2011. He was out of it due to his low blood oxygen and hearbeat. And other picture: is dad and my brother at the current nursing home late/summer 2011)

Well he didnt go to Heaven yet. He got rehydrated and had a medication change and got better although he did need to stay in a nursing home tempoary until he could regain his strength.

He came home 2 months later.

He kept falling and could not stand on his own very well anymore. He needed 24/7 total care.

It was killing my elderly mom physcially. She never got much sleep at all. I was working full time and doing what I could to help. Home health care was only allowed to come out 1-2 times a week for an hour each time which doesnt do much good. Gee, thank you insurance company!

My dad's repeated falls and mom and I always having to lift him in and out of the chair caused my mom to reinjure an old hamstring injury. One night when he once again got up on his own he fell and she hurt herself trying to get him up. They both ended up in the ER that night.

Dad was back to being almost lifeless due to a low heartbeat and lack of enough blood oxygen. The EMS guys helped us pick him up off the floor. We got dad back into bed, I told them his lips are blue and he is not acting right and how he has a history of low heartbeat and low blood oxygen. They double checked him out and decided to take him in for sure along with my mom.

So both parents were in the ER. And both got admitted. Mom got out in a few days. Dad was in for about a week. Since he was out of it when he got there it caused him to have a memory lapse and he was mentally confused. He wasnt sure just how he got to the hospital and what he was doing there. But after about 3-4 days of receiving oxygen he got his mind back.

It was very apparent that he could not go back home due to his major 24/7 needs and because taking care of him was killing my mom. I, nor anyone can no longer lift him on his own or stay up with him 24/7. His health was suffering because of it all so we decided to put him in a nursing home forever this time. His worse fear come true :(
But it was the only choice.

The hospital helped us find a local nursing home that will take his case. That was back in July 2011. The nursing home is good to him and he has a good roommate.

We had him home for Thansgiving, Christmas eve and Christmas day along with another time befor that.

He would rather be home but knows he cant be. It hurts seeing him in there. It sometimes kills me emotionally. It seems so unfair that a man who has been a good father, faithful husband and hardworking man has to spend his last days on earth like this. It just isnt fair. Ill never understand why he gets this fate while some others his age have backgrounds of repeated spousal cheating, didnt take care of their kids, dont pay their bills but yet they are healthy and active still. It makes no since and just isnt fair.

My kids cried thinking he wasnt going to be home for Christmas with them but they were so happy when they knew we were bringing him home for the holidays.

He is a much loved man :)

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