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Friday, July 20, 2007


We have been going to various pow wows this summer. My spirit feels so calm when going to a pow wow. I am so pleased that my kids want to dance in the pow wow during inter tribal times. This year my youngest ( age 4) danced for the 1st time.

I wish more people would realize that pow wows are not just for people of native decent but for anyone wanting to witness and enjoy some native culture. I find that many people have no idea what they are or they think they can not attend one due to their lack of native blood.

This summer we have went to the Auburn,IN and Marion, IN pow wows and both were great. I really liked the fact that they were in the shade which made it much more comfortable. But my all time favorite pow wow so far are the Columbia City, IN ones.

The CC one has been going on every year since 1996 I think. The only thing I wish I could change about it is that it is in 100% direct sunlight the entire time which is uncomfortable and hot. But everything else is great. Their circle is large and their vendors are not to close to the circle, that way there is always plenty of room for people to sit and walk about unlike at the other pow wows.

This Saturday we will go to the Gaston , IN pow wow for the 1st time. My oldest ( age7) is excited about it. My husband found some goose feathers that are in great shape at a pond. I will make use of them in the kids hair for their native regalia ( outfits).

I feel closer to God while being at a pow wow and hearing the drums and voices. I feel some kind of emotional stirring deep with in me. That emotion sometimes wants to cry. It sometimes hurts that so many natives were treated the way they were and now their languages and cultures are about gone.

But there is plenty to be thankful for now a days. So it would be silly for me to waller in what happened in the past before I was born.

I love the way my Cherokee history tells how many many years ago Jesus came to them teaching them. This warms my heart and proves to me that Jesus wants everyone to have a free ticket to heaven. See below link for the Cherokee and Jesus connection.


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